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to speak your mind, bitches.

cracked-out poets
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pissed off people, unite. let's write some things about some things. how we feel, or how we're sexually frustrated, or how we're angry, politically unheard, sometimes violent, and a bit weird. let's be real, dudes. let's not write the flowery romantic shit we give to our great aunts in greeting cards. let's be raw and irrational. this is a forum about expression through poetry/prose. feel free to suggest topics to the community, and be realistic with your criticism.


honest and helpful: i enjoyed this because ______.
i would have liked this better, but you didn't use enough _____ or i didn't understand _______.

hurtful and patronizing: this sucked. you're ugly. the only way you can redeem yourself is by giving me head.

you get the idea, people. try to help a bro out if their work is really reaching, and pat the back of someone who's improved, or has always been good to read. the stability and backbone of this community is on you guys, and your thoughts. please keep communicating with each other about your own work and future improvements we can all benefit from.

if we have a significant amount of posts, i'll re-start the contest, but that requires your efforts, broads and gents.

if you have any questions or concerns about the community on a personal basis, feel free to e-mail me directly.