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live, community!! [Sep. 7th, 2006|03:35 pm]
cracked-out poets

i'm in a poetry class at school. its awesome. today we did an excercise where you thought from someone else's point of view. someone you know or even just a stranger you glimpsed.then you got a random sentence (this could be from a book or something) then wrote a poem from their point of view, the random sentence as the first line. anybody wanna try? i'll post what i did later.
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contest entry [Sep. 1st, 2006|07:35 pm]
cracked-out poets

i tried to write something. i really did. but i couldn't come up with anything i wanted to put my name on. soooooo......you get this:
i was thinking of you the other day
as i paced along alleys, and places i don't belong anymoregraffiti-stained walls
rain dripping off an old wooden table, marked with characters i can't understand
i look pretty, under streetlights
they disguise the downside of fast food
and the fact that thats all that's open
when i'm awake
and so alive
if you're not dancing
then you're dead
this town is a beautiful dying whore
decit, and one last attempt at glamour
i can't call this home anymore
i kicked that habit long ago
pen tentatively scratching out the truth
i'm awake
and so alive
without you, mexican sekeltons jumping off walls
you sugar skulls
sweet promises and lies just weren't enough
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CONTEST REMINDER: [Aug. 25th, 2006|07:27 pm]
cracked-out poets

Hey kiddies.

i have been in and out of here and there hasn't been a WHOLE lot more posting, i posted something in hopes of re-vamping but so far, nada. the contest ends TOMORROW, however, with any input i am willing to extend it until the FIRST but that means you guys have to get organized, post EXPLICITLY in your subjects which is to be considered for the contest. one of youse kids are the winners, so i am STRONGLY advising you to take part and get crackin, crack-heads. if nothing happens between now and then, i will select ONE(1) person instead of three winners as i have originally planned, because i do want to encourage those of you who have made efforts. keep on keepin on.
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too cool without design [Aug. 17th, 2006|08:00 pm]
cracked-out poets

too cool without design
by Lauren Singer
i knew when i first spotted you
out of the corner of my wandering eye
that you were like a hang-nail--
fragile and on the verge of breaking.

me over-zealous and louder
than city-noise blundered over words
that i didn't internally monologue,
only to blurt out colloquial soliloquys of
sentimental nonsense.
your lack of over-analyzing
and thin-lipped grin
left me waiting for interruptions
between awkward silences
that never came.

and like tacit-whistled trains
that emerge from darkened tunnels
while you're standing on the platform
inches from the wind of beating freights,

your voice thundered like Greek gods
and i was a wilted calypso
hanging to your lullabyes.

your words merely a warning
for your premature departure
that left me grasping at the dirt
you absently kicked at the ground
as you fled in an evenly-composed,
collected strut.

too cool for goodbyes.
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I Drink Alone. [Aug. 12th, 2006|02:50 am]
cracked-out poets

I Drink Alone
© Crux Charisma
i want to run naked
through the city
this is bullshit
and leave nothing
but burning rubble
in my wake
i want firecrackers
to sear wrinkles
in your
botox smile
because the media
(and testosterone)
tell me
i must inseminate
the woman with the
largest breasts
and smallest hips
so another
complacent ingrate
can spill
from her cunt
and rape the planet

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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2006|10:56 pm]
cracked-out poets

ok, not good. the second a contest gets announced, posting entirely stops. c'mon guys, where is the art and related happiness?
all y'all smoke too much crack.
either way, i'll be home tuesday and should be posting my entry soon.
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[POEMs] Confusion [Aug. 3rd, 2006|04:06 pm]
cracked-out poets


Once upon a time
in a land far far away
[maybe five hours]
there was a horse made of a shoe
and he was quite a foo'.

He wandered away
and there he would stay
for that was his way...

But one day he met a mime
who he asked for a lime
and the mime just said "..."

Aren't horses amazing?


"Hey little girl, let me tell you a story..."

He said with a grin.
His face was splitting
and his body was thin.

"...it's about a man who once thought he could see..."

He shrugged his shoulders
they were big and broad.

"...what it is like to be poor homeless me."

And at that moment his eyes broke
and his heart let out a puff of smoke
and the oxen trainers were all gone.


Have you ever contemplated your thumb.
It's the biggest finger.
It falls right there at the end of your hand.

Would you miss it if it left?
What if it right?


I saw she was mad
her eyes went supernova
and the stars... they left.
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2006|09:05 pm]
cracked-out poets

[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |Mister White Keys]

ok, so. i think i have a poem for the contest. but i'm not going to post it yet. i'm leaving monday for my annual trip to N.Y.C. and it always makes me write crazy stuff. i love the city. so i'll see what i have when i get back. in the meantime, you get this:

i lay asleep at night
dreaming of poets and faeries
with a pen in my hand
and a notebook on my chest
hoping that i'll remeber to write these dreams down
i lay asleep at night
dreaming of you

( sort of for Em and Abe)
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Contest, maybe? [Jul. 28th, 2006|07:18 pm]
cracked-out poets

[Current Location |Spi's house]
[Current Mood |artistic]
[Current Music |---]

The sun goes down
to sleep.
That's when we start
to creep.

Off to enjoy
the night.
we, playing in

Everything seems
A new, dark world
is shown.

Exploits wait in
the dark.
Or we'll walk in
the park.

Either way, we'll
have fun.
'Til the rise of
the sun.
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don't try to resurrect this [Jul. 28th, 2006|03:29 pm]
cracked-out poets

lethargy, madness and stale apple pie.
i fell in love with you in silence.
we do nothing but kid each other, stain the sheets and justify ourselves
with pathology and excuses. you keep taking pills to forget.
when you were choking out sobs and blowing powder out your nose
i tried hard not to laugh, because you promised you would
make your mother proud, and i wonder what she's thinking now.
she believed i could take care of you.
lie to me. i love it when it hurts to breathe.
so much sin and self-affliction, i want to fall into bursts
of electrocution and expose my veins.
you once told me you liked my bitter ideals and deprecation.
don't feign protection, i don't want another idle idol.
i want to discuss politics over a syringe,
philosophize the meaning of life over withdrawl.
i want to be raw and redundant--
fuck you hard on Easter Sunday on a pile of Bibles wearing the Cross.
is there productivity behind the pew?
i drank the blood of christ and found God drowning in the entrails.
i believe, okay.
but i was never saved, and i know
there is truth staggering drunkenly down the stairs,
staining sidewalks with piss
and discovering a self behind the tainted illusion of doubt
so carefully woven between thighs and dancing through kaleidescopes.
don't ask me for help. i couldn't possible assist you.
besides, i think you're cute when you're grasping for air.
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