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a sestina [Oct. 7th, 2006|02:09 am]
cracked-out poets


click here for the definition of a sestina and explanation of form, if you don't already know, my lovely poet friends: http://www.baymoon.com/~ariadne/form/sestina.htm

A love that ended only in sweet nothing
Nothing ever ends in love
You and I are just another tale
Of that day, sun pouring down on us in a field
Or us, in a car on an abandoned road
And the moonlight, pouring down in waves

And the wind made the grass move in waves
Then it stopped, the sea of green turned to nothing
The dirt ceased blowing in the road
And washed away, like stale love
And I watched the tall grass in the field
Weave into another tale

And my whole life is just another tale
Of turmoil, like ocean waves
Or petals in a wildflower field
Petals that fly away, and turn to nothing
Nothingness, like out love
Blown away, down the dusty road

I traced back from Rome to this road
This dusty old road
The bitter end of this tale
And old petals, mushy and pulps and messy like love
To clean this mess, we’d need the ocean, and all its waves
To wash it all away like nothing
Mowed down, like the fate of this field

And what lies at the end of this field?
On old dirt road
(And beyond that?) Nothing.
The dirty end of this tale
A purple sunset and waves
Of love

And eventually those waves of love
Break on this field
And the love in those waves
Is lost on this road
At the end of this tale
Is bitter nothing

And this road,
And this field,
Lead to nothing.